2014-11-21 | 06:55:30

Teaching Your Kids About Renting

Fall is here! The kids have moved out for school. Help them learn about renting and coping with issues during their tenancy.One property manager, who has been in the business for decades, compares landlord and tenant relationships to marriage....

2014-11-21 | 06:54:40

Does Breaking Your Mortgage Make Sense?

With mortgage rates still hovering at historic lows, chances are you’ve considered breaking your current mortgage and renewing or refinancing now before rates begin to rise.Perhaps you want to free up cash for such things as renovations, travel or...

2014-11-21 | 06:53:52

Energy Efficiency: Tankless Water Heaters

Other than space heating, most Canadians use more energy to heat water than for almost any other household activity. Finding ways to reduce hot water energy use can, therefore, be an important part of an overall plan to reduce household energy costs...

2014-11-21 | 06:53:02

5 Common Mortgage Mistakes

Like many aspects of your life, obtaining financing on a new or existinghome can be a lot less stressful and a whole lot more straight-forward if you're prepared. But if you're not prepared, there are many common mistakes you can make. Most of these...

2014-11-20 | 11:23:44

Make Your Kitchen Accessible & Adaptable

Make Your Kitchen Accessible & AdaptableAs you grow older or welcome new people into your life, your needs and limitations can change. By designing a house that is both accessible and accommodating to people with a diverse range of ages and abilities...

2014-11-20 | 09:44:49

Becoming Mortgage-Free Faster

Becoming Mortgage-Free FasterRegardless of how long you've had your mortgage or how large or small the current balance is, there are a variety of ways to make prepayments work for you to pay down your mortgage faster and, therefore, pay less interest...

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